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BIOGRAPHY: Scott Livingston

I am a native of Miami, Florida. At the age of 8, I attended a summer camp at “The Good News Ranch“. I experienced some traditional camp activities like archery and hiking, but one thing I learned that summer changed my life forever.

I was told about 3 hearts, one black, one red and one white. It was the visual representation of the Bible verse John 3:16. I learned that the black heart represented our sin and our need for God. The red heart represented the sacrifice of Jesus to give us a hope, and the white heart represented a heart cleansed by the acceptance of Jesus as Savior. I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior that summer.

I attended many music concerts as a teenager and young adult. There was something so powerful about the music and the presentation. Of course, the message was not about hope and salvation, so something was missing. I began to attend Christian concerts in the early 1990’s and have seen the change in the Christian music industry over the past 15 years. Today’s Contemporary Christian Music is highly relevant and attractive to young and old alike.

I have been married for 20 years. My wife Sally and I have 3 children. Our kids have a great impact on the type of music we listen to. They love music… Contemporary Christian Music in particular. Together as a family, we share an appreciation for the music and the message that these artists bring.

I am so grateful that I was exposed to The Good News Ranch and the message of God’s saving grace at a young age. The research from Barna would indicate that the likelihood of a person accepting Jesus as Savior is greatest before the age of 18 and decreases sharply after that age. It is my desire to offer that same opportunity to young people (and to those “less young“); the opportunity to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

The vision for J3:16 Productions brings together the message of hope found in John 3:16 with the power of Contemporary Christian Music. J3:16 seeks to deliver this foundational truth message through a relevant musical expression.